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DVD Photo Slideshow FAQs

What is the turnaround time for a DVD Photo Slideshow?
Generally, plan for 3–4 weeks for a slideshow. (If the slideshow is exceptionally long, we will discuss a timetable with you.) We recommend that you allow at least a month when ordering a slideshow. A slideshow due in less than 2 weeks will require a 10% rush fee and depending on our current workload, may not be possible.

By "DVD Photo Slideshow", do you mean actual slides?
We define a "Photo Slideshow" as photos presented on the screen, one after another, with background music. You might also call this a DVD photo collage, DVD photo montage, picture DVD, or photo DVD – it's all the same. Customers usually provide photos to us as prints, but we can transfer slides if that's what you need. Our term "Slideshow" does not mean that we work only with slides.

How long is each photo on the screen?
Since we custom-edit our slideshows, there's no set amount of time. Generally, though, a photo is on the screen about 4–5 seconds. This time will lengthen if a photo has a zoom or pan applied to it. We take into account the music that accompanies the photos and edit each photo's length accordingly as well. Thus, every photo in your slideshow will be onscreen for a different length of time. But for your planning purposes, estimating 4–5 seconds per photo is useful.

How do I get music for the slideshow? Does C Brand Designs provide a music library?
You must provide all the music you want to use on your slideshow. We cannot provide any copyrighted music, so we do not offer a music library for customers. (Trust us: you'll be happier with music you like!) You may provide music either on the original CDs or on CDs that you burn yourself.

How long should my slideshow be?
Since the length of your slideshow depends on how many photos and songs you have, this is difficult to figure out ahead of time. You can guesstimate the length you have by estimating 4–5 seconds for each photo (plus any video clips you might also include). You may also ask us to shoot for a specific length for our editing, such as 10–15 minutes (which is generally the best length for showing at a party or event).

Can you create a slideshow where the viewer can advance through each photo manually?
No, this is not a service that we offer. And keep in mind that if this type of slideshow is what you need, you will not be able to have music play during it. If you want to look at a particular photo for a longer time during a Photo Slideshow, just hit the pause button during playback.

Can I combine, say, a 20-minute DVD slideshow with about an hour of video footage on one DVD? (The video is separate from the slideshow).
Yes, as long as the total time does not exceed 2 hours. We call these "combo" DVDs. Please discuss your needs with us before submitting your order.

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